Consolidate Your Build to Rent Software

There are many roles to consider and play in residential property management. From property marketing and leasing teams, maintenance workers and property investors to accounting staff and asset managers, build to rent software and resident management software should be role-based to ensure each member of your team has the appropriate tool set to perform their job well and ultimately deliver an excellent member experience.

Yardi’s fully connected build to rent software platform offers management technology and role-based applications for every role in real estate. With YardiOne, all of your Yardi applications are easily accessible from one SaaS dashboard, meaning all environments are updated centrally with the latest enhancements, bugs fixes, and security patches.

YardiOne Dashboard for build to rent software consolidation
YardiOne Dashboard

What is YardiOne?

YardiOne is a single place to access any software application in Yardi’s Ecosystem. Through Yardi One, authorised users can log in to any adopted Yardi application and then have automatic access to any other Yardi application in your YardiOne environment without the need for multiple logins.

Why Use YardiOne?

Security Through Simplicity

YardiOne offers an extra layer of security. Using a single set of credentials simplifies the authentication process for users, making credentials easier to remember and reducing the chance that a user will store credentials in an inappropriate way or place.

With the additional optional use of multi-factor-authentication (MFA) a second layer of security can be put in place for the eventuality of a user forgetting their password.

Usability Through Convenience

Providing a single location for all applications, YardiOne saves time through a user-friendly interface and dashboard, requiring only one login per browsing session.

Integration with Third-Party Single Sign-On Providers

YardiOne is compatible with many SAML 2.0 compliant single sign-on identity providers. You can use your SSO credentials to access any of your YardiOne-linked applications. If required, multiple SSO portals can be set up with YardiOne.

Some common providers that have integrated with YardiOne include:

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Microsoft®
  • Azure®
  • Okta®
  • OneLogin®
  • PingOne®

Streamline with New Yardi Applications

Yardi plans to use YardiOne as the authentication method for any future products. This includes the recently released Yardi Elevate Suite and Yardi Document Management for Sharepoint. Setting up YardiOne now can streamline your future implementation process.

How to Access YardiOne

Any contracted client using Yardi SaaS Select or Yardi Private Cloud can use YardiOne free of charge, since we believe simple and secure authentication should be a standard part of our solutions.

Please contact your Yardi CSD Account Manager to start implementing YardiOne in your Yardi ecosystem.