Digitalisation as a Service


Does further digitisation make it easier for landlords to provide a good service? Or will it hinder those tenants who have little knowledge of technology?

The Yardi session on the Vastgoedmarkt Transformatieplein at The Real Estate Meeting Point – PROVADA on Wednesday 5 June 2019, among other things, discussed the matter.

“Yardi is innovative”, says Terrence Wong, regional manager at Yardi. “We offer special solutions for high-quality property management from one single mobile platform. This is how we are able to offer a property management and accounting system for an entire housing portfolio. Our software is suitable for both marketing and managing the entire housing portfolio.”

Video is in Dutch

During the PROVADA, Wong paid attention to the structural simplification of the contact with customers and the further integration of an automated conversation partner (Alexa) for the provision of services to tenants. “In the United States, such speech-driven systems are commonplace, and Alexa is a popular virtual assistant. We want to make it easy for tenants to be able to request services via the integration of a virtual assistant in real estate company systems. Simply allow your voice to do the work, to make payments, report complaints, or make repair requests.”

It’s very simple. “Users do not have to log in; they do not have to deal with menus and sub-menus; they can simply do their business by talking,” says Wong. “This type of innovation responds to future tenants. This is also important for housing corporations, for example. They often have to deal with older, vulnerable and sometimes illiterate tenants. By offering technology with a threshold of use that is as low as possible, this group of tenants can also contact their housing association easily.”